ClientCredit is a legal fee financing solution exclusively available through LawPay. With ClientCredit, you receive the full invoiced amount at the start of an engagement while still being able to offer clients the option to pay a loan for legal fees in automated installments. 

Let your clients pay later, while you get paid now with ClientCredit

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"With the introduction of ClientCredit from LawPay, We're able to collect the money upfront, and the client can get on a payment plan they can afford. "

- Adam Cohen, Managing partner of Ticket Crushers 

Rather than being put in the challenging position of having to find a way to pay one large lump sum, ClientCredit enables your clients to secure legal representation and still allocate funds for other expenses. 

Offer clients a more flexible payment experience 

Experience the benefits of simple, secure legal fee financing

Increase your pool of prospective clients

ClientCredit helps you diversify your client pool by providing them with a wide variety of payment options to choose from. It’s also an attractive option for prospective clients who have a credit card but would prefer not to charge a large amount. 

Get more time back in your day  

Along with giving you the power to offer automated legal fee financing through ClientCredit, LawPay simplifies and streamlines the overall collection process and makes it easier for your clients to pay. 

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Included with every LawPay account:

  • No contracts, setup, or cancellation fees
  • Debit, credit, and eCheck payment types
  • ClientCredit (legal fee lending solution)
  • Trust account protection
  • Customizable website payment pages
  • All available software integrations
  • Unlimited users
  • Custom reporting for reconciliation
  • Surcharging/convenience fee capabilities 
  • PCI Compliance ($150 value) 
  • Unlimited phone support